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¡ Your trip to Córdoba!

How to get to Córdoba:

Córdoba can be reached easily by rail or road. You can get to Córdoba by road via motorways and highways (some in France and Spain have tolls) from all of the European countries. There are also coach services from most major European cities to Spain and - with final destination Seville - directly to Córdoba. The High Speed Train AVE links Córdoba with Spain's capital Madrid in 95 minutes. Also the TALGO train takes you comfortably (sleeper) and directly from Barcelona to Córdoba. In the case that you are not travelling by car, coach/bus or train, there are several options by air:

1. Flight to MADRID, from Barajas airport by taxi to Atocha railway station (aprox. price
€ 15,00) or by bus to Plaza de Colón (departures every half an hour approx. price € 2,50) and then by bus (No. 19) to Atocha RENFE. There is also a new but quite complicated subway connection from the airport to Atocha (having to change trains two times: Mar de Cristal, Bilbao, Atocha Renfe. Approx. Price: € 1,00, duration: more than one hour). From Atocha station in the High Speed Train AVE to Córdoba - departures every hour until 21.00; approx. price € 66,00 return ticket in tourist class (ask for "Billete de ida y vuelta con la vuelta abierta", return date can be booked and paid in Córdoba). Arrival in Córdoba in 95 min. There are other cheaper trains that take you from Atocha RENFE station to Córdoba (e.g. TALGO or Expreso) and coach services as well (e.g. Servibus).

2. Flight to SEVILLE, from San Pablo airport by taxi to Santa Justa RENFE station (approx.
€ 9,00) and continue your trip to Córdoba in any of the numerous trains: approx. € 11,50 return or in the AVE (40 minutes): approx. € 24,00 return, departures every hour until 21.00 h. There are also coach services (Alsina Graells, Servibus) approx. € 11,00 return.

3. Flight to MALAGA, from Pablo Picasso airport by taxi (approx. € 9,00) or by bus (every 20 min, approx. € 1,50) to Málaga RENFE station, continue your trip to Córdoba in the TALGO train: approx. € 24,00 return or in a cheaper train (approx. € 15,00); The trip takes approx. 2 or 3 hours respectively. There is a coach service (Alsina Graells): departures from the bus station next to RENFE station; approx. € 14,50 return; departures: 9.00, 11.00, 15.00, 16.00, 18.00 hours.

A taxi from the train station to your accommodation costs around € 6,00.

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