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¡ Dates !




Courses A, B, C, F:

Starting dates for beginners are monthly - on every 2nd Monday.

All the intermediate levels can start weekly - on every Monday.

D.- Course: "Private Lessons":

Starting dates: every day upon request.


E.- Course: "Preparación D.E.L.E. exam"

"Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera"
Intermedio / Superior

Exam dates to be announced by Instituto Cervantes. - Course dates depend of examination dates in May and Nov. These dates might change. Please ask for confirmation.

Exam fee charged by Instituto Cervantes in Spain: Diploma Intermedio approx. € 140,00 - Diploma Superior 160,00.

There are no classes on the following public holidays:

Jan. 6th, Feb. 28th, Apr. 14th, May 1st, May 28th, Aug. 15th, Sep. 8th, Oct. 12th, Nov. 1st, Dec. 6th

Feb. 28th, Apr. 6th, Jun. 1st, Aug. 15th, Oct. 12th, Nov. 1st, Dec. 6th

Classes on these days will not be compensated.

The school is closed from Dec. 23rd to Jan 7th.


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