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ANDALUSIA• A world of its own

Córdoba is situated in the very heart of the part of Spain that was called 'Al Andalus' by the Moors. It is Andalusia that gives colour and atmosphere to the picture of Spain and is sought for in the south by people from the north. It is here, that sun, palms, Flamenco-music and the tipical Spanish gardens dominate.

CÓRDOBA • A mosaic of cultures

In Córdoba, historical capital of the Moors you can experience a mix of Roman, Jewish, Moorish and Christian cultures which, along with its proximity to Arab-African culture make it so unique.

The historic city has apparently remained unchanged from Moorish times. It was declared "Heritage of Mankind" by the UNESCO as was the world-famous Mezquita. And though a medieval flair is still present in picturesque squares, splendid palaces and crooked alleys, the charm hasn't been diminished by decades of tourists.

Today, Córdoba is a young and modern city, it has approximately 300.000 residents and a university with approx. 40.000 students. Córdoba is located on the river Guadalquivir at the foot of the Sierra Morena.

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