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Methods and Topics:

Our teaching is based on the latest research in foreign language teaching; our topics focus on Spanish-Andalusian life: Political and social issues are dealt with as well as Spanish literature from Spain and Latin America or historical topics, together with aspects of Andalusian culture: Flamenco, Corrida, Islamic art, etc...

Communication-based study materials and texts from literature and current media form the basis for our language teaching. The language of instruction is Spanish.

Guidelines for our courses are those published by the Spanish Cervantes-Institute for the language diploma DELE "Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera". Our students are being trained in oral and written language skills based on everyday situations and in reading.

Courses are held from Monday to Friday. Regular participants can receive a certificate at the completion of their course.

Intensive courses:

Courses are held all-year. An entrance test puts students on 6 different levels. You can find further information about dates, fees, differents courses and the number of participants per group under Dates and Fees.

Special courses:

"Clases particulares" : The student plans the intensity and the length of the course, as well as the course topic: General Spanish, Spanish for specific purpose, Business Spanish, Training courses for teachers of Spanish.

Preparation course DELE : This course prepares students for taking the "Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera" (DELE) of the Cervantes Institute. The beginning of the 2-week-courses (20 lessons per week) depends on the official exam dates at end of May and end of November. They take into account the exam guide lines of the Cervantes Institute. The exams can either be taken in Cordoba or outside of Spain.

"Córdoba-Málaga" and "Córdoba-Granada" : Centro de Idiomas LARCOS Intercultural Córdoba offers, together with its partner schools in Málaga and Granada, 2-week-courses in each city. Course subjects and extracurricular activities are specially designed for each city, in close cooperation of both schools.

"Spanish Culture" : These courses are designed for advanced students, helping them to practice the language by discussing cultural themes. The courses consist of 6 lessons a week. Students pay an additional fee and can choose between the following topics: Spanish Culture and Society, Spanish and Latin-American Literature, Flamenco Culture, Spanish Films, History of Spanish Art.

"Writing Workshop" : In small classes the students write short texts (literature, poetry).


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